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In the Open Water Diver Course, you will recieve the full training to become an independent diver.
You will study some diving theory - but no worries, it is easy. You can use a DVD, a book and our instructors to get all the necessary information, and you will pass the exam without any problem.
The most important part of the training will take place in the water, and as our divecenter is just at the beach, you will be in the ocean from the first moment on. We start in very shallow, calm water to make you feel comfortable under water, and then slowly bring you deeper and deeper, until you are perfectly safe at 18m depth.
When you finish the course and manage all the necessary skills, you gained your Open Water Diver Certification, which is valid in the whole world and for the rest of your life.

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    We need 3 full days for the course and agree about the details with you. You can do it in 3 subsequent days, or split it up - we help you to find the best schedule, with water conditions and your wishes in mind. The course consists of 2 Pooltrainings, which we usually do in the sheltered bay of Los Cancajos (if conditions allow it), and 4 Open Water dives.

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    The Digital Training Kit, the certification and the full rental equipment are included in the price. You should bring a towel and a bathing suit.
    It is strongly recommended to get a medical certificate, which can be done here.


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