A day in the water in Los Cancajos (Back to the list)

You want to live a day at the beach, filled with water activities? Then you should enjoy a combined snorkling and scuba diving adventure with us.
We take you to one of the beautiful beaches on La Palma, or directly to Los Cancajos, or we drive to a calmer place if the weather requires it. There we will take you to the water for a snorkling tour, with a warm neoprene suit to be able to enjoy it a long time. You can see all the life under the surface, and get used to move with your fins - and you will feel that you want to go down, swim in between the fishes... This is exactly what we will do after a short break: Get into the water again with a full scuba equipment, so you can enjoy to breathe under water, be weightless, and see everything so much closer...
A perfect day in the water you will never forget.



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    apx. 1 hour snorkling tour
    short break and brieftíng for the Try-Dive
    apx. 30-60 minutes scuba dive

    More information

    Minimum age: 10 years
    Good health conditions
    ability to swim (not necesary to be a strong swimmer, but happy to be in the water)

    The activity depends on the weather. We will have to decide where we go 2-3 days before.


    Address Calle Punta de la Arena, 2, 38712 Breña Baja, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España

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